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confirmed publicly that the united states would no longer release guantanamo bay prisoners of yemeni doesn't back to their homeland. >> make no mistake, we will fix anything that has damaged our interests and recruit. >> i'll ask a member of the 9/11 commission why so many of their recommendations have gone unheeded. that coming up. >>> moving to afghanistan, the suicide bomber who killed seven cia officers at an american military base. the terrorist was a double agent, and tonight we have new details on how he managed to slip through security. >> this is a jordanian doctor, one former senior u.s. intelligence official says he was providing very important information on some very high-level targets. >> the double agent was brought onto the cia base in afghanistan without first being given a polygraph test, one of the basic tools in establishing a spy's trustworthiness. he had provided bona fide information. a u.s. intelligence official says there was still questions about his reliability and the access he claimed to have through senior al qaeda leaders. >> he had already been to the base a
, japan, britain and the united states shutter their embassies citing terrorist threats. >> u.s. officials tell cnn eight al qaeda suspects were planning to bomb the embassy. we're told yemeni forced killed three and captured one more wearing a suicide vest, but four other suspected terrorists remain at large. >> we see global implications from the war in yemen and the ongoing efforts by al qaeda in yemen. >> we're told that 200 to 300 al qaeda are living in yemen, but when we asked people today about how they feel about al qaeda taking root. >> we hate al qaeda. >> they had all hear that terror suspect umar farouk abdulmutallab studied arabic here. the school's director now believes that abdulmutallab used arabic studies as a cover. >> he was the top in the class. >> officials complain that identifying would-be terrorists among students is nearly impossible here, because the government can't compete with al qaeda. >> we're going to have a whole lot more tonight on the terrorist threat in yemen. we'll bring you a special investigation into the radical cleric hiding out in yemen who could b
to provide more agencies access to intelligence reports involving threats on the united states. >>> moving to afghanistan the suicide bomber who killed seven cia agents, we learned this week that the terrorist was a double agent and we found how he managed to slip through security. >> reporter: a jordanian doctor, a former senior u.s. intelligence official says he was providing very important information on some very high level targets. the double agent was brought on to the cia base in afghanistan without first being given a polygraph test, one of the basic tools in establishing a spy's trustworthiness. he had provided bona fide information, including the location of al qaeda leaders killed by cia drone strikes. a u.s. intelligence official says there were still questions about his reliability and the access he claimed to have to senior al qaeda leaders. >> reporter: he had already been to the base about a half a dozen times, because of the information he claimed he had, the cia officers told the local guards not to search him as he went past three layers of security. >> reporter: 13 cia
they are trying to do, has the united states kept up? are we ahead of them, if you will, not only in improving airport security but in looking overseas in our intelligence gathering or are we still ahead of the game? >> we're ahead of the game but this is a war. there are times when i think because it's such an unconventional war that people in our country may forget it. it's a war with many battle fields. we are on the verge of really an extraordinary turnaround and success in iraq. president obama is committed to win the war in afghanistan, and i think we have an extraordinary team there that john and i visited a few days ago. we will succeed in afghanistan. we have chased some of the al qaeda enemy to yemen, but the fact is that in the last year there have been more than a dozen known attempted terrorist attacks on the homeland of the united states. three of them broke through our defenses. two of them successfully killing people. one in arkansas earlier this year where a u.s. army recruiter was killed at his recruiting station simply because he was wearing the uniform of the u.s. army and
on standby here in the united states. we were told by the haitian government that we need to balance the degree of that versus food and rations that are also about the president's top priority, which is saving lives. we have been doing everything that we can to get as many assets on the ground. >> general, let me ask you a question on the ground. as all the resource come in, government resources, and contributions from private organizations around the world, who is calling the shots in haiti? who decides if the doctors without borders come in, who decides who goes where and what they do? >> well, john, as you know, that's a major challenge in any crisis like this is the coordination of all of it. we have established along with the united nations that the agreement with secretary clinton and president preval to manage a coordination center up and running. we worked at the tactical and operational level between us and the united nation force commander from brazil to do that as best as we could, but we will stand that up and that's where we will coordinate and synchronize all of the eff
this hour. flights transporting haitians into the united states have been suspended because of logistical issues. the white house says there's no official policy to suspend the flights, but the situation arose because they were running out of room. charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida and other states help pay the costs of treating those patients. >>> new revelations about a man who could have been your president and who washington insiders say could have put the democratic party in political jeopardy. john edwards admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock, after lying to everyone about it. lurid details all released in a book called the politician, written by edwards long time confidant andrew young. >>> toyota owners can expect to hear from the company in the near future. toyota spokesman tells cnn it's met with federal safety officials and is finalizing a plan to replace gas pedals that could stick. those are your headlines this hour. keeping you informed. cnn the most trusted name in news. national car rental knows i'm always in a rush. they let me charge
is needed. obviously, it will be. the state department usaid and united states southern command are working on whatever assistance is needed. we'll have more on that. jill daughtery is at the state house for us and we'll be talking to her. here is an expert on disaster preparedness in haiti. he works for the coordinated global initiative and he joins us right now. and drew, i know you've been working with the haitian government to plan for a disaster like this. give us an idea of what, if any, resources they really have to be able to respond. >> resources in haiti are sparse at best. they are struggling after decades of major political problems and poverty. some of the most basic things you would be looking for in response to an event like this, including trucks, including simple food and water stock is difficult to come by. in fact, in many cases it doesn't exist at all. and i would even say the emergency services in haiti are in very, very bad shape. in fact, nationally they're only about two firehouses that are actually fully capable of performing emergency response operations, and that'
the best known liberal in the united states. just 14 months ago, president obama carried this state by more than 25 points over john mccain, and yet the people of massachusetts could send a message tonight by sending a republican to washington to replace ted kennedy. scott brown has played on the theme, make me a head senator. in other words, he wants to go to washington, scott brown has campaigned in a state he carried by saying, i want to vote against the obama health care plan. i want to fight the president. i think the stimulus care plan was wrong. there is too much spending in washington. it appeals to independent vot s voters. scott brown would run around the stage saying, no, this is the people's seat. so you have one that had a better campaign, had more ads and more energy, and they think they are on the edge of what will be drama for them. it has been 23 years. they believe in less than 24 hours, me might have a in this early month, the first month of mid-term election year, john. >> where we talk about a political phenomenon, and always leading up to it is the word intensity, esp
in the united states we leave immediately. >> reporter: once the owner of a disaster recovery company, he has experienced clearing roadways and removing debris. now with his nonprofit first response team of america he spends his life going from one disaster to the next. he became a cnn hero in 2008. >> the most critical phase of disaster is the first few days when you have to find the people that are in desperate need of medical attention, food, water. but if you pull up and there is a building lying in the middle of the road or if 20 miles is under water, how do you get resources to those people? >> reporter: he uses cranes, earth-moving equipment and responds to disasters. what he once did for a living he now does for free. haiti is his first international disaster mission. he is working in stitcity soleie poorest neighborhood in port-au-prince. >> this is unlike anything i have seen. >> reporter: with the help of relief organizations, he loaded up this barge in florida with heavy equipment and supplies he will need to help clear streets and buildings in haiti. his first job is to clear thi
to get their operatives either here to the united states or in other places to carry out these attacks. >> should we raise the threat level here? are you thinking about it? >> we have a system in place in place that allows us to strength en the security measures. that's what happened right after the attempted attack on december 25th. we didn't have to raise the threat level to red or another different color that is out there. what we did was we immediately strengthened security precautions on planes and other places. so we feel comfortable we are well-poised now. right, you feel comfortable. but let's get back to the christmas day plot. something went very wrong there. you are going to bottom line this for the president, you've received reports from every agency responsible for counterterrorism. as you bottom line this, how severe was the failure? >> i think what -- clearly the system didn't work. we had a problem in terms of why abdulmutallab got on that plane. there is no smoking gun piece of intelligence out there that said he was a terrorist, he was going to carry out this attack a
and their families in port-au-prince, haiti, in the united states are never going to know what happened to them. no marker of them will be evident. it's -- and i just talked to chris lawrence, cnn correspondent, who said a short time ago he saw bulldozers moving through town picking up bodies and dumping them into the back of dump trucks. where they are being taken i do don't know. >> to that point, anderson, is there any sense of who is in charge? if anybody at all is in charge or trying to organize an effort to address this locally? we recognize that the military is arriving. the u.s. military is arriving. they're operating out of the airport. is there any sense that there is an infrastructure or any kind of resource in place to do anything? >> reporter: my personal sense is absolutely not. i don't think anyone is in charge. you know, there's a central government in haiti. there is a president, but there is a history here of a weak central government. if you talk to haitian people they almost -- they don't expect their government to do anything. they're looking to the united states, they're l
messenger. that's the president of the united states who has promised that he will focus on the economy and on jobs, which all the polls say that's what most americans want him to do. you will see more and more of these trips into interesting places, certainly florida which has a senate race coming up that will be really kind of fun to watch. he's going to new hampshire next week, another senate race that will be great to watch. these are pretty strategic places but it is also a way day after day after day to echo what the president wanted to get across last night to those independents and, in fact, to disenchanted democrats. here's where i stand, i understand that we've got to bring the deficit down, i understand we have to get jobs. you're going to hear that in one permutation or another for weeks to come. >> jeff, also a big part of the message, bipartisanship. again, john, to reach out to independents. i want to play for you the response we got today from the house republican leader john boehner. take a listen to this. >> i know who i am. i know what my principles are. i know what t
. and they're coming to the united states as well. >> right. just heart wrenching watching them on that bus. that must have been a difficult day for you. thank you so much, soledad, appreciate it. not to mention those children and everybody else who was part of that. a happy reunion obviously. you saw that for some. definitely tough times for those left behind. anderson cooper is joining us right now live from port-au-prince. you've been covering this same angle of this story as we try to focus here on the children. for each child that is getting out there are tens of thousands who didn't and there's certainly no real infrastructure there to take care of them, is there? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, i was just at the general hospital today at the pediatric ward. little boy named johnny there, broken leg, naked, has no clothes, parents believed to be dead. if you're in a hospital here it's believed there's a family member bringing you food. this boy is completely all alone, dropped off by a neighbor and left there. he doesn't know his last name. at this point there's not a system in place to de
ago it really was a possibility that the whole world starting with the united states would be plunged into a second great depression. things are tough now, especially if you're part of that 10% without a job, but things are not that dreadful. the economy is starting to recover. so in terms of averting absolute crisis, which is where we were a year ago, yes, it has worked. >> in terms of jobs -- i know part of this is timing because a lot of money is kicking in this year. is it this year we see the numbers come down, and people will feel better about things? >> the recession actually ended last summer, and the recovery has been going on since then. it will continue through this summer at least. that will bring with it jobs. you have gdp growing and incomes growing, sales are going up. jobs will go up with that. those are all kind of key measures of the economy outside your window. you will have jobs growth, but i submit that it's not all because of the stimulus. i think we can point to areas where the stimulus has helped out. state and local governments, infrastructure jobs, clearly th
of the united states has acknowledged repeatedly today that republicans have been offering substantiative alternatives on all these issues, maybe, just maybe, they're reflexive no will relent and we can have some discussions and debates and pursue policies in the best interests of the american people. >> all right, congressman. well, i think we all hope so. we'd sure like to see it happen. appreciate it, congressman mike pence, joining us tonight. >>> a lot more ahead. we're going to be playing more specifics from this exchange that we've been talking about. we'll have more analysis from our panel as well when we come back. you'll find the complete -- and completely affordable -- collection from van heusen at the men's store inside jcpenney and at jcp.com. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney. get the taste of a home-cooked meal at work with new marie callender's home-style creations-- a delicious meal made fresh from your desk. just cook them, strain them, mix them. marie callender's home-style creations. a little touch of home for lunch. find them in the soup or pasta aisle. a litt
to the united states. >>> the suicide bomber who killed seven cia agents in afghanistan. he was a double agent and found how he was able to slip through security. >> this is a doctor who slipped through security. he was providing for important information on high-level targets. >> the double ought was brought on to the base without being given a polygraph test, a basic tool. he provided bona fide information including the location of al qaeda leaders killed by drone strikes. u.s. officials say there were questions about his reliability. he had been to the base a half a dozen times and because of the information he claimed he had the cia officer told the local guards not to search him as he went past three layers of security. >> some 13 cia officers and the company formerly known as blackwater had gathered to hear his report when the bomb went off. >> american and jordanian officials believed the bomber had been rehabilitated. they hoped he would lead them to the top lieutenant of osama bin laden. >>> a big blow to democrats' hopes to holding on to the supermajority in the u.s. senate. two vete
't think it surprised anyone in the united states to hear that. it's maybe a little distress to go the white house, it's impair r embarrassing, but onward. >> but they're not talking about cutting back entitlements. you heard in that discussion, i think everything we're hearing at least sort of being leaked out in terms of what the president is going to say is kind of incremental stuff in terms of really getting your arms around this, right? >> absolutely. we're having the wrong conversation about a few billion here -- we're talking about a little freeze. it's a tiny freeze relative to what's going on. and yet there is -- approval isn't happening for the commission to review the entitlements. some of the entitlements aren't even that hard to change, such as social security, yet congress can't come to it even now. and the projections for growth, we don't really have those, either, in terms of the tax code. so where is the real discussion? let's ban the word stimulus from our vocabulary in 2010 and have the real discussion. >> christine? >> i think we need to be giving the president
involving threats on the united states. now, you heard the president there say that the buck stops with him. he acknowledged the system failed. that was the line of the day, among all the top administration officials from homeland security, secretary janet napolitano, to chief counterterrorism adviser john brennan. today all very much on message. >> this incident was not the fault of a single individual or organization, but rather a systemic failure across organizations and agencies. a failure to connect the dots of intelligence. >> a systemic failure. >> a failure to connect and integrate and understand the intelligence we had. >> across our intelligence community. >> that could have revealed the plot. >> that would have prevented a known terrorist from boarding a plane. >> intelligence fell through the cracks. >> when the system fails it is my responsibility. >> as you heard the president said, the buck stops with him. >> i told the president today i let him down. i am the president's assistant to homeland security and counterterrorism, and i told him that i will do better and we will do
had the majority leader of the united states senate make an off -- just an odd remark you could best characterize it. the right is being criticized for having the same reaction that the left had, has had in the past. there's an incredible double standard here. that's not to take away from peter's point we should have a conversation and that's always a good thing. i think this is a political reality here as well that sh, you know, this is a less than sensitive remark that the majority leader made, and the only reason he's owning up to it is because it was made in sxrooift released publicly. i don't know that there's not a double standard here. >> roland, it did seem that -- i want your take on this roland, it seemed that democrats were circling the wagons to a certain extent around the leader. if a republican made the same statement, would you have seen a he level of outrage that's not comparable to i think what we're seeing now? >> you know what? i actually had lunch today in d.c., and i ran into hillary shelton who runs the washington chapter of the naacp. i asked that very question
. and finally, very important, the search and rescue teams coming in from the united states, there are three of them. we believe that they should be on the ground. today there were mr coming. there will be search and rescue coming from other countries, the british, the french and finally, the last thing, secretary clinton cutting short her trip to asia and the pacific, coming back here to the state department to work on this very, very important and what's going to be a massive rescue operation. >> all right. jill dougherty for us from the state department. a lot more ahead. as we've been mentioning, cnn.com/impact. for more information on the aid agencies that desperately need your help as they try to get down there and help. we'll be back in just a moment. >> i've seen people walking with coffins over their heads. i've seen a man walking with an old lady in a wheelbarrow as well. there's not a sense of what's going to happen next. people are trying to get through today. i don't know that people can even think about what happens tomorrow. >>> some unbelievable images, haiti tonight, a count
are you going to miss the most? >> there is a lot to miss about the united states congress. it's very hard to get here and also very hard to leave. the fact is a lot of people stay here for a very, very long time. and i prefer that people wonder why i left so early rather than stay so long. >> what are you happiest to leave behind? >> well, you with worked up here in the areas. you are actually a captive of the schedule of the congress. is when the congress is in session, in the senate, you are not able to be more than 15 minutes away from the capital. doesn't matter what is going on. you have a captive of a schedule. and i have been a captive of that schedule for 30 years, willingly with great honor. i'm anxious to leave that schedule behind. >> senator byron dorgan. we appreciate you joining us. thanks. >> thanks. >>> coming up tonight, the special investigation looks at the national chain of dahn yoga centers. a former employees accuse it of being a cult. one claiming the founder sexually assaulted her. dahn yoga and its founder deny it all. (announcer) we understand. you want to grow i
worries the united states it sent its ambassador robert tuttle and his wife maria to reach out to muslims here in britain. they are visiting birmingham central mosque. >> if i was to strap a bomb to myself and blow innocent people up i'm not practicing what i'm preaching. my religion is islam, the religion of police. likewise what america preaches and its actions don't go together. >> at the end of the day until you can have free elections and open dialogue like we are having here now, that is when you truly have peace. >> you can't bring democracy to iraq if you bomb cities and kill children and men and women and they aren't going to love you. if you kill my child i'm not going to love you. i'm going to hate you. this is what he has done. so mr. ambassador, i know you are a nice man. how can you defend mr. george bush's policy. and as soon as he goes mr. bush and somebody sensible comes in power in america we'll be very grateful. >> let me say first let the record show he said i was a nice man. let's not forget that. i have known president bush for almost 25 year. he is not anti-muslim.
lining from this immense tragedy. 54 children are now in the united states, 42 of them are with their new parents. however, the other 12 weren't far enough in the adoption process, they've gone into foster care. the women we just told you about, jamie and ally, they've been in haiti for years taking care of these orphans, they've decided now that all their kids are in pittsburgh, go to pittsburgh and start a foster home in pittsburgh. they will be the foster parents for these 12 kids until they move to their new parents house. >> that's great. incredible. and you know, one of the things we noticed this week, all these kids who now their parents -- they lost their parents in the quake. there's not a system in place to deal with them, and hopefully that's something that agencies or red cross are going to start trying not only to reunite parents with their lost kids, but figure out new orphanages or new ways to deal with these kids. >> there's so much chaos here, and it's hard to imagine how this will all work. it will have to work, you do have so many children right now in port-au-prince. w
if not for this earthquake. a silver lining. >> so how are the kids doing? >> really well. 54 children are in the united states. 52 are with their new parents. the other 12 were not far enough in the adoption process. they are in foster care. not necessarily good news. jamie and ali mcmutrie have been in maty for years. they decided all their kids are in pittsburgh to go to pittsburgh and start a foster home in pittsburgh so they will be the foster parents for these 12 kids until they move to their new parents' house which could be six months to a year down the road. >> that is incredible. one of the things we noticed all these kids who have lost their parents in the quake. there is not a system in place to deal with them and hopefully that is something that aid agencies, the red cross is going to start dealing with, not only reuniting parents with lost kids or figure out new orphanages. >> there is so much chaos. it is hard to imagine how this will all work. you have so many children right now in port-au-prince who are orphaned or we don't know where their parents are. there is no system in place. we a
. the president of the united states, go back to look at the work he put in to finger-pointing. and you know what? it worked for reagan. >> you thit will work for obama? >> paul is right. >> it was a great speech. >> paul allty made an important point. his great gift was the ability to inspire. we have po punish the rimp, it's a small, dark narrative. it's nonon american story. reagan's story, we can go forward together. >> to be continued. many thanks to the best political team on television. >>> we do have more breaking news from haiti tonight. one story, we are really focusing now on the plight of the children kmch. equipped lexus es,mpare a to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find. if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacrosse, from buick. may the best car win. thank you so much. constipation's uncomfortable enough, so why take a harsh laxative? phillips' caplets work naturally with your colon... for overnight relief without cramps. phillips' caplets. wow! [ grunts ] oh, no, no,
. >> the united states government and the governments throughout the world, the united nations, international relief organizations are all doing their best to stabilize the situation to bring order to haiti and then start to flood in the necessary supplies needed to sustain life. but, you know, the challenge is going to be great and it's going to be long enduring. once the folks who have lost their lives have been dealt with in as dignified a manner as possible and once we have taken care of those who are injured, then the work begins. then we need reconstruction. then we need to take care of the living, and in taking care of living is not a matter of giving them food and water, but helping them rebuild their homes and schools and churches, rebuild their government. so i'm asking everyone who is watching tonight to find a way to give and then give some more and to give over the long term for the people of haiti. there are many organizations you can give to. all you have to do is look online or look up the organizes that will be mentioned in the course of this show. but give. this is the time
's basic inability, their failed tactics, the fact they'll never defeat the united states. people are less likely to join an organization that's destined to fail and ultimately serves no purpose except the narcissistic egotistical sociopathic strategies of the individuals hiding like cowards in caves in western pakistan. >> one of the things that happened is the u.s. has done poorly on information operations. al qaeda sees an incident and respond immediately. a bombing they put something out. the u.s. has the procedures, get this cleared at this level and that level. the military and the agency is slow in responding on the internet. it's a part of this that we've done poorly, i.o., information operations doing it poorly. we need to improve this but there are so many other areas we need to improve it. this is part of it. >> your bottom line on this, let me get this, we're talking about the threat being this imam in yemen, whoever that may be and it can be any number of them frankly operating in the shadows, and recruiting these individuals and sort of sending them. how do you fight that? yo
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